Debate with European childbirth movement representatives

April 3, 2014, 17:30 – 20:00, Kino Perštýn, Na Perštýně 6, Prague

ENCA (European Network of Childbirth Organisations)

ENCA is an informal network, meeting every year in their members’ countries. In 2014, the Czech ENCA members, APERIO-Healthy Parenting Association and HAM (Active motherhood movement), will host the meeting for the second time after 13 years, in 4-6 April, 2014. Members of organizations from more than 10 member countries will participate at the meeting, including notable personages of the European childbirth movement.

In the eve of the meeting, the debate on maternity care in Europe will take place, giving everyone interested in maternity care a unique opportunity to meet these influential childbirth movement representatives.


The presenting guests will be: Elisabeth Geisel (Germany), Beverley Beech (UK), Sinziana Ciurez (Romania), Maryse Arendt (Luxembourg), and Thea van Tuyl with Hannie Oor (Netherlands).
Discussion will be moderated by Eva Labusova (CR), an independent journalist and expert on family issues.


The debate will focus on European trends and good practices in cooperation of maternity care providers, recipients and state. The aim is to show what are the topics discussed in maternity care across such different countries as UK, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg or Romania, and if there is a common theme uniting them.

We will look for answers to the following questions:
• What are the maternity care trends in Europe today, what are their possible benefits and risks?
• What are the main controversial issues in maternity care from the point of view of its recipients?
• How do the state and maternity care providers react to them?
• How can a positive cooperation between all three players – maternity care providers, recipients and state – be started?


Entrance fee: 150 Kč
Don´ t miss such a unique opportunity to hear and share European trends in childbirth!
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